At a time of crisis with the Corona Virus, we are all consumed with our health and hand-washing techniques.  Vegans with a balanced diet are at an advantage by eating a wealth of healthy fruit and vegetables that naturally boost our immune systems.   But we cannot do enough at the moment to keep healthy so grab yourself some extra defences by eating these foods:

ZINC – Zinc is one of the most fundamental minerals in immune system health.  It boosts T-cells and helps repair the membranes of your sinuses.  Zinc is prominent in seeds, lentils, chickpeas and leafy greens.

BERRIES – Berries contain vital antioxidants in their skin which have been shown to reduce inflammation and aid the liver’s removal of toxicities in the blood.  The darker the berry the better!

GARLIC – Garlic is super good for us in so many ways.  It contains allicin which acts as an anti-inflammatory.  Garlic has been used for generations as a blood purifier.

GREEN TEA – Green Tea contains a number of anti-oxidants to help the removal of harmful toxic material from the breakdown of viruses.

B VITAMINS – It is widely known that Vitamin C positively supports immune health but in fact it’s the B Vitamins that do the most good.  B5 is essential for the production of antibodies – mushrooms, avocados and lentils are the best sources.  Meanwhile B6 destroys bacteria and infectious cells.  Sweet Potatoes, spinach and bananas are rich sources.

Obviously eating a balanced vegan diet is no protection from this terrible virus but there’s no harm in boosting your immune system by eating these delicious foods!

Stay safe and support each other x

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