It was great timing when Fire and Ice sent me one of their bottles to try out.  We’ve all been basking in the sun these last few weeks and keeping cold drinks at hand has been a challenge to say the least.  The Fire and Ice bottles keep drinks hot or cold for hours on end.

My bottle is a pink wood grain design and to say it is a beauty to behold is an understatement.  I’ve never seen such a good looking bottle and pretty much everyone that sees it either makes a positive comment or stares at me with envy.  Made from stainless steel with no plastic or BPA, they are vacuum insulated and double walled so not hot to handle if there’s hot liquid inside.

We’ve all seen how bad plastic is for our environment and how much of it isn’t recycled.  Approximately One million bottles are bought every minute…..yes I said minute….across the world.  If we all invested in a nice reusable bottle, we could make a huge difference to our environment and our finances – based on my average estimate that a bottle of water in the UK costs 60p, that means we spend £600,000 a minute on something we could easily fill up from the tap.

So lets talk about how effective they are at keeping drinks cold….I’ve used my bottle in the heatwave every day for more than 2 weeks.  Standing around for hours watching my boys play football and still the water is icey cold.  I even took it into the steam room at the gym and the bottle became quite hot on the outside but still the water was super chilled inside. I fill it up at night and the water is still freezing cold the next morning.  They say that the bottle keeps liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12…and they’re right.  There are no leaks either – and I can’t say that about plenty of bottles and cups I’ve had in the past.

So, onto the effectiveness of keeping liquids hot.  Well this cup is perhaps a little too good at this!  I took a hot coffee to a football tournament (4 hours long) and I was still unable to drink it by the end!  My lesson with this would be to keep the lid off at home for a while before taking it out or adding a little cold water as it really does keep it hot and if it’s boiling when you put it in, it’ll be boiling for a good few hours.  The company does warn you of this so really I should’ve known better!  I’m looking forward to putting soup into it in the winter to take to the park on a cold day.

I love the selection of colours and designs which are so different to what you find available from other brands.  Like I said before, I get genuine looks of envy from people with their warm plastic bottled water.   The bottles are priced between £21 and £22 and are available to buy here in a wide selection of vibrant or classic colours and prints – Marble, Metalic, Solid colour and Wood Grain.

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