Those childhood memories of roasting marshmallows on an open fire can’t be beaten.  There is nothing so pure and pleasurable than the simple things in life and as an adult, I’ve seen the ultimate joy on my kids faces when they witness the bubbling gooiness before their eyes.  So how is it fair to deprive this experience to those living a plant based life – kid or not?

There are a few vegan marshmallows on the market, Dandies are amazing and pretty much as I remember the real thing.  They are made by a small company in chicago and while we do have some available in our shop, they will not be continued due to expensive shipping and customs taxes.  In short, we ordered a batch and we are selling them at a loss (so grab yourself a bargain before they’re gone!)

When we looked closer to home for alternative geletine free marshmallows, we found a wonderful company, almost on our doorstep, making not only plain vegan marshmallows but flavoured varieties, lollys and…..wait for it……vegan wagon wheels!  I must say I was sceptical until I tried them but they are quite exquisit in every way.

Around six years ago, the couple behind Ananada wanted to make vegan marshmallows for their kids, so they wouldn’t miss out on the ‘toasting around the bonfire’ experience. All the other kids liked them so much, they made more and eventually packed in their jobs as photogtaphers to launch Ananada as a full time company.  The business grew organically – no loans or bank credit and have since won awards such as entrepreneur of the year.  The range keeps on growing with exciting new products on the horizon.  We are delighted to offer Ananada Marshmallows in our shop.


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