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A super easy Chilli non Carne which takes an incredible 5 minutes to prepare!  The brand new Velocity Blends allow you to make quick, easy, vegan meals in minutes. Add the Blend to a few fresh ingredients and you have a satisfying meal that feeds 4 and takes minutes to prepare.  Receive your blend with a recipe card.  Free P&P on all blends for a limited time.


Here at Velocity HQ we like to share recipes, news, products and all things Vegan.  While creating a recipe recently, I realised that most of the prep time is used up tweaking the flavours of the meal.  So I add a tsp of garlic powder and then a bit more, then some parsley, then some chilli powder but “oh no, now its too hot” so a bit of water and extra tomatoes.  I do this a lot and it does take up time to perfect a new recipe.

So the Velocity Blend idea was born!  Obviously, I still get to spend my time tweaking but you get the finished article in a little pretty box, ready to chuck into a pan, add some fresh ingredients and viola!  You have a meal prepped in no time at all, allowing you to get on with your busy lives.

This Chilli takes around 5 minutes to prepare and the blend is delivered with a recipe card containing full instructions.  Chilli is one of my favourite mid-week meals and using our blend, you have all the flavours pre-portioned to make a delicious meal for four.  It couldn’t be easier and you get the authenticity of a home-made dish.  No packet sauce aftertaste here!  I like to serve it with plain rice or half rice/half chips and if you want to jazz up the meal add some homemade guacamole and salsa.

We will send your blend with a recipe card.  Free P&P for a limited time.


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