A super easy cheezy dip which takes an incredible 10 minutes to prepare!  The brand new Velocity Blends allow you to make quick, easy, vegan snacks and meals in minutes. Receive your blend with a recipe card. Free P&P on all blends for a limited time.


Here at Velocity HQ we like to share recipes, news, products and all things Vegan.  While creating a recipe recently, I realised that most of the prep time is used up tweaking the flavours of the meal.  So I add a tsp of garlic powder and then a bit more, then some parsley, then some chilli powder but “oh no, now its too hot” so a bit of water and extra tomatoes.  I do this a lot and it does take up time to perfect a new recipe.

So the Velocity Blend idea was born!  Obviously, I still get to spend my time tweaking but you get the finished article in a little pretty box, ready to chuck into a pan, add some fresh ingredients and viola!  You have a meal prepped in no time at all, allowing you to get on with your busy lives.

Pretty much every single vegan I’ve come across has a nagging loss for cheese.  We’ve all probably spent far too much money on new vegan cheeses hoping they hit the spot and are left feeling disappointed.  This Nacho Cheeze sauce is amazing and with our blend, so easy to make!  Simply add a few ingredients and whizz in a blender.  It’s so versitile too – I use the sauce as a dip but also spread on top of Cottage Pie and Pasta Bakes – its even great in a toastie with tomatoes!

We will send your blend along with a recipe card.  Free P&P for a limited time.


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