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Cauliflower is the best veg out there right?  Well I think so.  It’s so versatile….it brings a curry to life, is a critical part of the Sunday roast and stick it in the oven with a bunch of spices and it’s amazing hot or cold.  Once roasted I add chickpeas, vine tomatoes and some cooked broad beans and you’ve got the perfect on the go lunch.  Try different veggies too…this spice mix works great with sprouts, courgettes and aubergine.


1 whole cauliflower
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp dried parsley
1tsp turmeric
1tsp paprika
½ tsp celery salt
½ tsp mustard powder
½ tsp ground ginger
½ tsp garlic powder
2tbsp rapeseed oil
½ lemon

  1. Place all the herbs and spices into an oven dish.
  2. Add the lemon juice, rapeseed oil and a splash of cold water to bring it together.
  3. Wash and chop a whole cauliflower into small bite sized pieces, add to the dish and stir to coat.
  4. Cook for half an hour at 200o Serve warm or cold.

It will also keep in the fridge for a week.


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