How good are UK supermarkets at providing information on own brand products that are suitable for vegans? Well, better than they used to be but some are still missing the mark, big time.

For those that do, going through the 26-ish page document is a somewhat onerous task and most products are pretty obvious – strawberries are vegan, right? But, I’m glad they exist and to those supermarkets who don’t have one yet, shame on you. I will keep contacting them and update this page with more information.

Aldi (PDF here)

A great list from Aldi who do us proud again. I love the fruit and veg at aldi, its so fresh and they have a great range of vegan products. “The Deli” Mediterranean Falafel is the best I’ve ever tasted and the “Passions” Pea snacks are truly addictive.


Asda don’t seem to have a vegan list that you can donwnload but you can search online for vegan products. (Link here)


There is no downloadable list and they haven’t replied to my requests. The website doesn’t allow searching for vegan products either which for a supermarket who is supposed to embrace vegan food, this is not good enough.  Sorry, but not happy with you Co-op.

Lidl (PDF here)

Lidl have a list although it doesn’t seem exhaustive and doesn’t include wine/beer (which is what I like the lists for the most!) I think they have quickly put together a list to say its been done but its a start and better than nothing.

Marks and Spencer (PDF here)

As you may expect, a great list from M&S. It has each and every vegan product listed in categories and with product codes. M&S is great for vegans with lots of wine, beer and sweets suitable.


Morrison’s is one of my favourite supermarkets as they have a fantastic choice of vegan products. Their frozen section is particularly good with Frys, Linda McCartney’s and own brand vegan products (the Morrison’s mince is the BEST and trust me I’ve tried them all!) I can’t find a downloadable list but you can see all vegan products here (Link here)

Sainsbury’s (PDF here)

Fantastic list supplied by Sainsbury’s here which seems to include everything they sell that is suitable.

Tesco (PDF here)

Tesco update their list every 3 months and it includes everything plant based.  Well done Tesco!

Waitrose (PDF here)

The Waitrose list is great and I like the way it is presented so easy to read. No beer or wine is included but I presume this is because they source it all from third parties. They are good at labelling alcohol as vegetarian in store but that obviously doesn’t mean it’s free from egg or milk (yes lots of particularly red wine has dairy in it)

These lists should be used as a guide only and individual products checked when purchasing to check ingredients haven’t changed. Happy shopping!




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