So, I would describe myself as a patient Vegan. I understand the number of us Vegans is small in the grand scheme of things so I keep it real when restaurant staff look at me blankly after stating my Veganism. I’ve resorted to pretending to have a “diary allergy” to food staff to avoid any misunderstanding of my requirements. I just want them to understand that I don’t want a dollop of coleslaw on my salad (with chips), please as I might come out in a big rash (this isn’t true of course I just want to insist the chef takes my diet choices seriously).

So when I go to my local pub and ask the server if he can ask the chef if the veggie gravy has milk powder in as I have a dairy allergy, I am flabbergasted to hear “oh don’t worry of course, the veggie gravy is gluten free”. Now I cook most of the food I eat from scratch and most contains no gluten just because. But I have no aversion to it and happily wolf down a plate of wheat pasta on occasion. So I don’t really give a toss if the gravy has gluten in it or not, just no powdered cow juices, thank you.

At a different restaurant, I meticulously engorged the allergy brochure and chose an egg free pasta. The waitress patiently waits as I look while rambling on about how I have a dairy allergy and couldn’t possibly eat pasta with egg in it. So how does my dish turn up? Spaghetti…check. Arrabiatta sauce….check. Big cheesey balls of mozzarella…check…..arrrraahhh.

So please, this is a beg to all restaurant managers around the globe. Please tell your staff what a Vegan is (I’m hoping chefs will know although maybe I’m being naive) Meanwhile, I’ll continue to walk the earth with a deep pan pizza on my head, just to be sure everyone knows I eat gluten 😉

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