With reports this week that the CO2 shortages could have a damning affect on the meat industry, the turkey dinner is looking ominous this Christmas.  Farmers and meat processors admit the meat industry is at breaking point, so, can we face a Christmas without meat?  With so many meat alternatives on the market now, there’s plenty of options to have a meat-free Christmas.

For billions of animals slaughtered each year in the UK, CO2 is the last thing they will breathe before dying.  This technique of slaughter, known as gassing, is the most common slaughter technique for many intensively farmed animals. The current shortage could pose significant delays to the number of animals processed for slaughter.

The reason for the shortage is down to surging prices at fertilizer plants where Co2 is sold as a bi-product.  CO2 is used across the food industry, including for refrigeration and meat packaging.

So try our Breaded Mushrooms for starters followed Roast Dinner Pie with all the trimmings and finish off with Lime and Passion Fruit cheezecakes.

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